The Ecoflo advantages

Ecoflo septic system is discreet and compact for a beautifull landscaping adding value to your home
  • Up to 75% more compact than a conventional system
  • Quick to install and without heavy equipment
  • Many accessories included
  • Easy renewal of the filtering media after 10 to 15 years,
    without landscaping work

As with any residential wastewater treatment type, the Ecoflo Biofilter incorporates a septic tank equipped with an effluent filter, the treatment unit and a polishing field. When required, a tertiary treatment system is added to ensure disinfection. Ecoflo is designed for both principal and secondary residences as well as for new housing constructions and faulty system replacement projects.

Two types of Ecoflo are available: Ecoflo Coco Filter and Ecoflo Bi-Layer. Both are available in polyethylene (plastic), concrete or fiberglass tank. The type of tank and Ecoflo recommended for the property varies according to the surface area, landscape and nature, permeability and depth of the natural soil on site. A soil test is conducted to make this determination.

Download the Ecoflo Coco Filter flyer (CAN/USA) Download the Ecoflo Bi-Layer flyer (Ontario)

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Ecoflo is also an ideal solution for fishing camps and their sensitive surrounding ecosystems.

Recent concerns of onsite wastewater systems with proximity to receiving waters and the mitigation of the impact on aquatic life has become a genuine concern for Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada. The toxicity of the wastewater from remote sites with high seasonal occupation, such as fishing camps (fly fishing locations), barges, lodges and other resorts can be detrimental to their sensitive surrounding ecosystems.

Ecoflo is the only technology that meets the requirements and compliance of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada.

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Compact and versatile Installation

Requires up to 75% times less space than conventional systems – for optimal use of your property. Models available for sites with challenging conditions or confined areas – can be used for both new constructions and upgrades (partial or total).

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No energy

No energy or electro-mechanical device needed for the treatment.

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Stable and reliable performance under all conditions

Suitable for primary or secondary residences. Highly reliable system, regardless of variations in water quality and living habits of occupants (seasonal activities, flow intensity and no flow periods recovery). For a complete protection. Odorless system.

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Permanent and definitive solution

Compared to conventional systems, no excavation or relocation of the unit at the end of the cycle of the filtering media – internal components can be accessed through the lid at all times.

Examples of landscaping around an Ecoflo system

Superior protection

Made of rehabilitated natural organic material, this patented biological filter serves as a physical barrier that retains pollutants. The advanced secondary treatment technology (Ecoflo) as well as the tertiary disinfection technologies (DiUV and FDi) represent the very best solutions for the long-term protection of lakes, waterways and groundwater. To protect the value of your investment that is your property.

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As with any wastewater treatment type, the Ecoflo Biofilter incorporates a septic tank equipped with a effluent filter, the treatment unit and a polishing field.

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